Monday, December 15, 2008

16th National Parents Meet by Parivaar (National Federation) and NIMH in Hyderabad on 15th and 16th December 2008

Mano Sankalpa's principal, staff and children with their parents attended the 16th national parents meet organized by Parivaar and NIMH in Hyderabad from 15th Dec 2008 to 16th Dec 2008. We are a registered member of this national federation apart from a registered NIMH(National Institute of Mentally Handicapped). These meetings involved extensive sessions on the following areas in these 2 days:
15th Dec 2008:

1) National Perspective & UNCRPD by Mr. J.P. Gadkari
2) Awareness and prevention by Dr. Saroj Arya & Dr. H. T. Dholakia
3) Parents and siblings as partners in advocacy by Mrs. V.R.P. Sheilaja Rao
4) Inclusion-building right based society by Dr. Vijayalaxmi Myreddy & Dr. Shanti Auluck

16th Dec 2008:

1) Self Advocacy by Mr. Vijay Kant
2) Transition-Enhancing role of Community organizations by Mrs. Manjula Kalyan & Mrs. Nivedita Patnaik
3) Quality of life and role of community by Dr. L. Govinda Rao & Mrs. Parvathi Viswanath
4) Employment-job placement by Mr. B. Ashok

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