Sunday, January 3, 2010

Details of Special children in Mano Sankalpa Special School

Currently Mano Sankalpa Special School for Mentally Handicapped is serving 12 special children having various mental disorders and difficulties. Below indicates details of each special children:

V. Kuldeep: Kuldeep is a 8 years autistic boy. His main mode of communication is non verbal. He has difficulty in using gestures and imitation. By repeated calling only he responds even though eye contact is not maintained. Comprehends facial expressions and expresses his needs through pointing and crying. He has behavioural problems. Dies not sit at one place. Poor speech development. Speech and understanding are delayed. Hits other when he gets angry. Self injurious, has meaningless speech, disinterested in communication. He prefers of being left alone.

Dhanish Mehta: Dhanish is a 14 years severely mentally retarded boy. He has Epilepsy, speech problem, hyper active. He is unable to sit at one place, wandering around aimlessly, biting others, having hearing deficit. He used hearing aids and his mental age is 1.5 years. He has low eye contact, behavioural problems, poor cognitive skills, biting others and self when angry. He likes sound and music.

Saithri Baswa: Saithri is a 10 years old mild autistic child. Having good motor function, low comprehension, disinterested in communication. Poor or no response to speech, not interested in asking questions or pointing at things. Meaningless speech, lack of understanding of relational meaning. Lack of eye contact, repeated body movements, preference of being left alone. Self injurious, having unusual musical talent. Fear of animals, always closes her ears with fingers. Unable to mix with others for play.
K. Nagasai Nitin: Nitin is 5 years old down syndrome boy. Having poor eye contact. low comprehension, poor eye coordination. Having speech problem, behavioural problem, hits and pinches others. He cries without reason.
Divya Beheti: Divya is a 7 years old down syndrome girl. She is having speech problem, poor attention, low concentration, poor eye hand co-ordination, poor eye contact. she is having low comprehension, very stubborn and hyperactive.
Charishma: Charishma is a 4 years old down syndrome girl. She is having cerebral palsey. Total body is affected having speech problem, poor eye contact, low comprehension, poor motor function. She cannot sit for 5 minutes and can't hold objects in hand momentarily.
Visweshwar Reddy: Eswar is a 11 years old severely mentally retarded boy. He is having speech problem, vision problem, Epilepsey, poor eye contact, low comprehension. He is very stubborn and self injurious.

D. Vinith: Vinith is a 9 years mild autistic boy.
He is having low comprehension.

Sirisha: Sirisha is a 14 years mildly retarded girl. No Previous education and parents kept her at home previously due to no support(prior to joining Mano Sankalpa). Milestones are delayed, very stubborn and no academic skills.

Sandeep: Sandeep is a 8 years mildly mentally retarded boy. Very hyperactive, hits others, poor in academics and not interested in reading and writing.
Saibaba: Saibaba is a 8 years old boy having hearing impaired, hyper active. He hits others and poor in academics. He is independant in self help skills
Tej Vivek: Tej is a 7 years old boy moderatelly mentally retarded. He is having crebral palsely, speech problems and his motor function is very poor.


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