Sunday, January 11, 2009

Free Eye Surgical Camp

On 11th Jan 2009, Mano Sankalpa Special School(working under Mano Sankalpa Human Services Society) has collabarated with Lions Club and L.V. Prasad Hospital, Hyderabad in setting up a Free Eye Surgical Camp in it's premises. Around 114 people has availed this facility wherein free medicine has been given for the needed people after the required medical checkups immedietaly. Free Spectacles has been distributed on the same day for those needed after checkups. Free operations has been performed by L.V. Prasad Hospital, Hyderabad for those needed and they have been discharged after 2 days stay at this hospital(served completely free of stay). This service has been extended towards the society surrounding Mano Sankalpa Special School and we are commited to do such activities apart from serving Special children in the future as well. We always welcome those who are interested to participate with us in serving the society.

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  1. Nice work and well appreciated.

    Prashant Jalasutram