Monday, January 26, 2009

MACH Mobile Solutions visits

On 11th Wednesday Feb 2009, Jon Taylor(Product Manager of MACH Mobile Solutions) has visited Mano Sankalpa Special School for Mentally Handicapped. He has spent his valuable time at the school premises enquiring about the school's day to day activities. He was very keen in knowing about the progress of 8 special children in the school. He did also visited the women empowerment programs happening at the same premises. His visit has brought some more cheers to the school and it's activities. Entire staff at school felt very happy with his visit. Momento was presented to Jon Taylor in remembrance of his key interest towards this noble cause. Thanks to him for his visit and precious times he spent at the school.

On 24th Saturday Jan 2009, employees of MACH Mobile Solutions, Catherine Lawrence, Bev and Brenda Gyamfi visited Mano Sankalpa Special School for Mentally Handicapped . They did spent their precious times with special children and enquired about the various facilities available at the school given for free of cost. They were very curious to know about each special child and their status. They have also spent their times at Women Empowerement programs recently started at school. They were understood various vocational trainings like stitching, weaving, candle making, embroidary making, leaflet making etc which were imparted to women in that areas at free of cost. Their visit has brought more cheers into the school and it's activiies. Entire staff, children and management felt very touched by this visit. Momentos were presented to Catherine, Bev and Brenda in remembrance for their times and interest towards this noble cause. Thanks to them for their visit and precious times.


  1. Brillant and well appreciated.

    Prashant Jalasutram

  2. ...working for the mentally retarded children. Very great and heart touching. Also supporting the cause of women empowerment. Really it is the need of present time. Tremendous service.

    With best wishes